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In 2013, a passionate Tech-Guru with his team set up ABC with a “Vision” to make quality Tech skill-oriented education available and affordable to every Job aspiring youth of the nation. A baby step back then has since turned into a giant leap transforming lives of innumerable IT Job aspirants cutting across socio-economic-demographic divides. ABC’s vision is implemented by relentlessly staying up with latest trends across the education value chain, from content creation to curriculum delivery & comprehensive impact.

ABC’s “Mission” resonates with the conscience of the nation and its clarion call to ‘Skill India’ & ‘Digital India’. Equally, it enables ‘Aatmanirbhartha’ for the IT Job aspiring youth through its pioneering ‘ABC Swabhimaani Program’ alongside assimilating the ever-changing HR needs of India’s booming Software industry with a pipeline of plug-n-play, Job-ready 4.0 techies.

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Regardless of the impact of Covid Pandemic and the subsequent lockdown on the Indian economy and its education system, clearly there is life beyond the pandemic and preparing for that life can never stop. This disruption is not only limited to the Education system but is widespread across all sectors of the Economy and in the process has drastically reduced family incomes. In these tough times, ‘ABC’s Swabhimaan Program’ offers a unique opportunity for the fresh graduates with consistent academic track record to kick start their journey towards an illustrious IT career.

‘ABC’s Swabhimaan Program’ is a transformational initiative designed to enable IT job aspiring Tech graduates of 2020 & 2021 batches to shape their careers almost independently all by themselves by initially investing Rs 33 per day (approx. Rs 1000/- per month). This Comprehensive, Intensive, Immersive 900+ hours of live online Edutainment based 100% Instructor-Led Tech skilling program would transform every ABC trainee to a Next-Gen software developer with capabilities to build FullStack based software solutions using cloud & DevOps as per IT industry standards in line with customer needs of the post-Covid IT world.


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Which keyword lets you call the constructor of a parent class?

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Which is the most reliable expression for testing whether the values of two string variables are the same?

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You get a NullPointerException. What is the most likely cause?

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Which type of variable keeps a constant value once it is assigned?

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How does the keyword 'volatile' affect how a variable is handled?

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Which amongst the following languages are Object Oriented?

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What method can be used to create a new instance of an object?

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What statement returns true if "nifty" is of type String?

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